E*Rock - PsyQuest V.1 mix

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1. "PsyQuest 01" - E*Rock
2. "Polyphonic Shadow" - Seiichi Yamamoto
3. "てくてくtune" - OOIOO
4. "One Two Three" - Cristopher Doulgeris
5. "Irppusaari" - Kemialliset Ystävät
6. "Perusal" - Fantastic Palace
7. "Beach Point Pleasant" - Ducktails
8. "15" - Boredoms
9. "HiDef/The Future of Blues" - Regular Music
10 "SS Cygni" - Chrome
11. "Chromium Lazerstacked (E*Rock Remix)" - Glamorous Pat
12. "Lautta Lähtee" - Tomutonttu
13. "PsyQuest 02" - E*Rock
14. "Seasky Rainbow" - Hanadensha
15. "Nut Sunny" - Fantastic Palace
16. "Moog Raga (Instrumental)" - The Byrds
17. "Bleeding To Death In The Desert At The End Of A Movie ABout Your Banal Life" - White Rainbow
18. "Vom Himmel Hoch" - Kraftwerk

Lullatone - Summer Songs

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Lullatone has got a new self released album in time for summer. For: • anything by a pool • ice cold drinks (with foam things around them to keep them extra cool) • just cruising on a skateboard (without too many technical tricks) • making sun tea • bonus juice at the bottom of your shaved ice • itching after sitting in a patch of really really green grass • making a funny sound while walking around in flip flops • sweating • eating dinner outside • hammock naps • spraying a friend with a garden hose • wishing you were wearing more clothes in the freezer section of the supermarket • pretty much anything involving a backyard – and - • eating way too much watermelon Summer Songs - EP by Lullatone

E*Rock - The Great Underground Empire

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New E*Rock album available now! Cassette via Gnar Tapes. The Great Underground Empire is a conceptual synth album based off an early text adventure game developed in 1979 that I played as a kid on my family's PC throughout the early 80's. It was an exploration of "the ruins of an ancient empire lying far underground" with no music or graphics, just glowing text on a black screen. The music serves as a virtual soundtrack performed almost exclusively on my old Prophet 600 and Juno 60 synthesizers which were released about the same time that I was learning to type in order to wander said dungeons.

Melodium - Lixiviat

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1072730543-1Melodium has a new self released album. Check it out here.

FS Blumm - Food

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F'S'BLUMM - FOOD (smaller)

F'S'BLUMM - FOOD (smaller)

FS Blumm has a new album out! F.S.BLUMM took a break from himself: no solo-release within 5 years (*).  A break from his musical habits: consuming quasi nothing but female-hip-hop and rootsy-dub. No pling, no plong, no guitar-picking.  Now he slowly returns, warming up his fingers with a little collection of instrumentals. Solo jam-sessions to the recording-machine.  This is not the succession of F.S.BLUMMs "Summer Kling".  One might miss those typically condensed compositions, those musical thoughts compressed in a nutshell.  This is a special inbetweenie! A little snack, some eardrum refreshment!  ..and isn't there indeed a little hip-hop-flavour left? Can't one still imagine a female rapper on top of "FRÜH" or "KLEI"?  Please enjoy this convenient collection of recordings while you're waiting for Blumm's little big next album: "F.S.BLUMM- The King Of Pling"  PLEASE DONATE! THANKS!!

(*) ..lots of collaborative releases though, with Bobby Baby, Old Splendifolia, the QDD, Nils Frahm, David Grubbs, Anne Laplantine, Lucrecia Dalt and a split-tape with Bradien

P.S.: The "FOOD"-photo was done by F.S.BLUMM during a west-coast-tour with E*Rock and Greg Davis on their way to Las Vegas at the entrance of the Mojave Desert.

Soundcloud Audio Player

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[soundcloud url="http://api.soundcloud.com/playlists/2339473" params="auto_play=false&show_artwork=true&color=eaeaea" width="100%" height="450" iframe="true" /] We finally created a Soundcloud account for Audio Dregs and added this sampler mix. Soundcloud users, add us!

Jason Forrest "New Religion (E*Rock Remix)"

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Jason Forrest "New Religion (E*Rock Remix")

After playing a show with Jason Forrest at Nova last week I realized that we'd never "gone public" with the remix I made of "New Religion," which happened to be my favorite song off his last album, The Everything. So here it is for free download! I even defaced (faced/remixed) the album cover for you.

But not only that, you also have the opportunity to download the full album for free! Jason's live show is incredible, and I think this album is some of his finest work. Not as insanely break-cored out as some of his previous albums, but certainly the most melodic and always energetic and exciting. Download The Everything here.

Lullatone "A Slow Waltz (Halo Remix)" mp3

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Lullatone "A Slow Waltz (Halo Remix)" Here's a remix by Italian artist Halo from a classic Lullatone track (free download). He does a great job at preserving the minimal melodic nature of the song, but puts a new spin on it. Halo is a project of Pasquale Riviezzo, age 21, which coincidently is the same age as Shawn Seynour when we released his first album, Computer Recital on Audio Dregs in 2003 where this song came from. In Pasquale's words:

"This is a remix I made for Lullatone, a popular music group based in Nagoya, Japan, whose music is characterized by an innocent, child-like quality and spare, lo-fi sounds. It will be included in a compilation CD which will be released in China later this year."

Grapefruit "Monte Carlo (White Rainbow Remix)"

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Grapefruit "Monte Carlo (White Rainbow Remix)" Grapefruit is new Portland artist who's synth driven debut album will be available next month from Audio Dregs Recordings. You can also get the cassette version (limited to 100 copies) of that album right now from Field Hymns. Here's a remix that White Rainbow did of a track off the self titled album, where he flips it with a rolling downtempo breakbeat, while maintaining the shimmering metal futuristic vibe.

The Full Transcript: Lil B NYU Lecture Mixtape by Regular Music

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While checking my email I was happy to discover that The Fader had posted a full transcript of Lil B's recent lecture at NYU. It was four pages from roughly an hour and half lecture, so I copied the transcript into a speech synthesis program to read to me while I was working on the computer and also listening to new recordings by Regular Music. The mix of Lil B's slang and sentiments as the synthetic "Alex" computer voice over Regular Music's new/old pastiche of technology was a complimentary, post-post modern mix that I found to be an equally enjoyable and strange listen, as well as a somewhat appropriate format to absorb the lecture.


The fact that we are even aware that Lil B exists is a product of our relationship to the internet. Starting with his onslaught of Myspace profiles and constant youtube videos, we know him through sheer brute force internet output, like Master P selling his mixtures out of the back of his car, Lil B takes his wares to the streets of the internet. This relationship to the net has perhaps been a factor in evolving his attitude from beyond rap's braggadocio tropes and embracing a post-ironic positivity and motivational empathy. By the time I finish mixing the audio in Ableton Live I'm talking on chat to the rapper Despot, who was at the lecture himslef. He expresses annoyance with the fans that are there who treat him as a sort of Godlike celebrity and simultaneously as some kind of golden retard. The fact that the lecture is happening is a bit confusing, but Lil B puts his heart into what he does and manages to transcend, through sheer will power.


*This mix is also a sequel, of sorts, to the "Whisper Song", Mac voice meets hip-hop video piece, that I put together years ago as a product of a Cory Arcangel lecture at The New Museum. I hope you enjoy it as much as a conceptual piece of music as well as reflective pop.


Copy - The Diva Mixtape V.1

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The popular Diva mix was a CDR that we used to give away to people that bought the first Copy album Mobius Beard (2006) as a bonus item, but we've now brought back for "pay as you like" via Bandcamp for those that never got to hear it. More soon. (Artwork by Matthew Chambers, E*Rock and Fran Siriphan Bittakis)

Melodium - The Island

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Melodium "The Dark Home" Melodium's new album available now here! The Island is Melodium's fourth album for Audio Dregs in the past decade, recorded on (and dedicated to) the Island of Oleron, off the coast of France. It continues to hone the twinkling acoustic/electronic melodies and lopsided rhythms that tumble like a large egg down a grassy hill. This time around Melodium has seamlessly merged the cool jet stream of his vulnerable vocal pop side with warm instrumental passages for an album that floats between waves of orchestral strings and fingerpicking guitar. An impressive and intimate collection of songs, both breezy and heavy, bright yet brooding, for an effect that is dramatic while still being understated.

$12 CD in matte eco-pak with design by E*Rock. $5 mp3s.

New E*Rock DJ Mix for Future Legend

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Future Legend Podcast 010 | E*Rock ( Summer Mix 2011 V.2 ) A little late getting this up, but here’s E*Rock’s sequel to his Bullet Summer Mix he did earlier this year for Bullet Magazine.

Track List: E*Rock – I wannE*Rock Right Now DJ Dice – Ok Ladies (Dice vs Cure) Myd – Noria (Chaos In The CBD G-Mix) Chicago Dead Beats – Back Up Jack (Original Mix) The Very Best – Yalira (Douster Remix) Camel – Obrigado (Yolanda Be Cool Remix) Chris Brown – Look At Me Now (Codes Apache House Remix) DJ Gregory & Gregor Salto – Con Alegria (Solo “More Cowbell” Remix) Matanza – Lluviaaa Wet Ones – Wya Duck (Jeffrey Jerusalem Remix) Troggs – Summertime (E*Rock Edit)

Future Legend is a DJ crew in Portland trying to push forward thinking dance music and production. You can subscribe to the Future Legend podcast via this link. (iTunes will update you the second a new edition of the podcast is available)