TBA 12: Listening to Space: Sonic City PDX

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TBA12: Sonic City This year as part of TBA, Claudia Meza has organized an audio tour with over 30 Portland musicians, entitled Sonic City. More info on that at http://soniccitypdx.tumblr.com/. The ten-day audio tour installation will end with a live outdoor performance based on these sonic spaces. Featuring music by Daniel Menche, Luke Wyland (AU), Matt Carlson (Golden Retriever), Mary Sutton, Eric Mast (E*Rock), Holland Andrews (Like a Villain), Thomas Thorson (Interiors X), and Meza.

More info here.

Soundcloud Audio Player

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[soundcloud url="http://api.soundcloud.com/playlists/2339473" params="auto_play=false&show_artwork=true&color=eaeaea" width="100%" height="450" iframe="true" /] We finally created a Soundcloud account for Audio Dregs and added this sampler mix. Soundcloud users, add us!

Regular Music - Compact Digital Audio

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Out now! Available here. This release by Regular Music exists as a small, battery-operated custom sound chip, placed inside a CD digipak with speaker and hand numbered fold-out insert. The sound module is activated when the packaging is opened.

The Compact Disc as a medium has very nearly become obsolete as people have evolved their listening habits towards new digital means. In defiance of current music trends, "Compact Digital Audio" cannot be downloaded. It only performs its function when you activate it by hand and the music plays through its tiny speaker. This format can not become obsolete, because it will never become popular. No band in their right mind would try to release their music with an object that costs so much money and takes so long to assemble. The music has also been mangled beyond recognition to conform to the format; its sound quality crushed to fit onto an 8-bit chip, compressed from a 10 minute composition into a 30 second blast, all bass lost in the process due to the size of the speaker. All in all, it is a terrible method for any band to release their music, but all the same, we couldn't resist. The music object can still be valid beyond its use as vessel if it can capture your imagination.

Regular Music is an improvisational synth trio from Portland, Oregon that uses synthesizers, both modern synthesis and old, as well as acoustic drums and percussion. The sound is sympathetic in nature to early electronic pioneers, cinematic kosmische, and psychedelic post free jazz acid synth inner space music.

Attention!: This release does not contain a compact disc.  Edition of 100. Battery life expectancy is about 200 plays or 2 years, but chances are it will break before then.

SuperFest 4!

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Supernature, Audio Dregs & Music in the Schools are extremely proud to present SuperFest 4!: Portland's 4th Annual All-Ages DIY Dance Music Festival & Benefit for Music in the Schools! Thursday, AUG.30 - Sunday, SEPT.2, 2012


Full schedule, info, and band links: www.superfest4.com Facebook event page: here

Plink Flojd "One of These Days..." video

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"One of These Days, I'm Going to Cut Your Film Into Little Pieces" video by Yoshi Sodeoka. Plink Flojd is a super audio/visual collective started by David Quiles Guillo with co-founders Yoshi Sodeoka and E*Rock. We collaborate with artists from all over the World and will be premiering our first installment of videos at NOVA®, in São Paulo, Brazil, in the spring of 2012.

Plink Flojd has a new web site also!

Free Paper #1

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Shoboshobo has currated and printed a Free Paper which includes the likes of E*Rock, Dennis Tyfus, Tetsunori Tawaraya, Marc Bell, Hendrik Hegray, Lucky Dragons, +... It was printed in 2000 copies and it will be distributed at the poster CIG festival in Chaumont, France. Also available free with any vinyl purchase from Audio Dregs.

Jason Forrest "New Religion (E*Rock Remix)"

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Jason Forrest "New Religion (E*Rock Remix")

After playing a show with Jason Forrest at Nova last week I realized that we'd never "gone public" with the remix I made of "New Religion," which happened to be my favorite song off his last album, The Everything. So here it is for free download! I even defaced (faced/remixed) the album cover for you.

But not only that, you also have the opportunity to download the full album for free! Jason's live show is incredible, and I think this album is some of his finest work. Not as insanely break-cored out as some of his previous albums, but certainly the most melodic and always energetic and exciting. Download The Everything here.

Supernature #54: Wed. May 23

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Audio Dregs & Rotture are proud to present..SUPERNATURE 4-YEAR ANNIVERSARY PARTY!

featuring.. VICE COOLER (from LA!) $KULL$ DROPA DJ BJ

Doors 9pm, Admission $5 & 21+

Vice Cooler is an American musician, photographer, author and visual artist. Currently the singer/songwriter for Hawnay Troof & Xbxrx (and touring member for Chicks on Speed and Raincoats.)

Since his beginnings in '98, Cooler has become a strong influence on underground art culture throughout the world, being recognized by people like High Places and Henry Rollins as an "inspiration". Peaches has crowned him as the world's greatest performer, while Aaron Rose describes him as, "one of the most talented entertainers alive." Even Solange Knowles has praised his fashion and music on her twitter.

Very excited to host Vice Cooler's Portland debut!

Lullatone "A Slow Waltz (Halo Remix)" mp3

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Lullatone "A Slow Waltz (Halo Remix)" Here's a remix by Italian artist Halo from a classic Lullatone track (free download). He does a great job at preserving the minimal melodic nature of the song, but puts a new spin on it. Halo is a project of Pasquale Riviezzo, age 21, which coincidently is the same age as Shawn Seynour when we released his first album, Computer Recital on Audio Dregs in 2003 where this song came from. In Pasquale's words:

"This is a remix I made for Lullatone, a popular music group based in Nagoya, Japan, whose music is characterized by an innocent, child-like quality and spare, lo-fi sounds. It will be included in a compilation CD which will be released in China later this year."

Grapefruit "Monte Carlo (White Rainbow Remix)"

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Grapefruit "Monte Carlo (White Rainbow Remix)" Grapefruit is new Portland artist who's synth driven debut album will be available next month from Audio Dregs Recordings. You can also get the cassette version (limited to 100 copies) of that album right now from Field Hymns. Here's a remix that White Rainbow did of a track off the self titled album, where he flips it with a rolling downtempo breakbeat, while maintaining the shimmering metal futuristic vibe.

The Full Transcript: Lil B NYU Lecture Mixtape by Regular Music

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While checking my email I was happy to discover that The Fader had posted a full transcript of Lil B's recent lecture at NYU. It was four pages from roughly an hour and half lecture, so I copied the transcript into a speech synthesis program to read to me while I was working on the computer and also listening to new recordings by Regular Music. The mix of Lil B's slang and sentiments as the synthetic "Alex" computer voice over Regular Music's new/old pastiche of technology was a complimentary, post-post modern mix that I found to be an equally enjoyable and strange listen, as well as a somewhat appropriate format to absorb the lecture.


The fact that we are even aware that Lil B exists is a product of our relationship to the internet. Starting with his onslaught of Myspace profiles and constant youtube videos, we know him through sheer brute force internet output, like Master P selling his mixtures out of the back of his car, Lil B takes his wares to the streets of the internet. This relationship to the net has perhaps been a factor in evolving his attitude from beyond rap's braggadocio tropes and embracing a post-ironic positivity and motivational empathy. By the time I finish mixing the audio in Ableton Live I'm talking on chat to the rapper Despot, who was at the lecture himslef. He expresses annoyance with the fans that are there who treat him as a sort of Godlike celebrity and simultaneously as some kind of golden retard. The fact that the lecture is happening is a bit confusing, but Lil B puts his heart into what he does and manages to transcend, through sheer will power.


*This mix is also a sequel, of sorts, to the "Whisper Song", Mac voice meets hip-hop video piece, that I put together years ago as a product of a Cory Arcangel lecture at The New Museum. I hope you enjoy it as much as a conceptual piece of music as well as reflective pop.


Plink Flojd

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Plink Flojd is a super audio/visual collective started by David Quiles Guillo with co-founders Yoshi Sodeoka and E*Rock. We collaborate with artists from all over the World and will be premiering our first installment of videos at NOVA®, in São Paulo, Brazil, in the spring of 2012.

Copy - The Diva Mixtape V.1

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The popular Diva mix was a CDR that we used to give away to people that bought the first Copy album Mobius Beard (2006) as a bonus item, but we've now brought back for "pay as you like" via Bandcamp for those that never got to hear it. More soon. (Artwork by Matthew Chambers, E*Rock and Fran Siriphan Bittakis)