Flim - Dear Ghost +

by Eric Mast in

New Flim EP(s) on Bandcamp! My favorite is probably Dear Ghost; very minimal emotional yet serene, more on the experimental melodic side of things, acoustic sounding electronics (although I honestly couldn't tell you where these sound are coming from) drifting in and out of consciousness, like your home made modem is picking up signals from another dimension... sort of like Nuno Canavaro jamming with Microstoria and drumless French Paddelboat. Name your own price and Recommended.

New Release! What Is This Place?

by Eric Mast in

ARTIST: Set in Sand
ALBUM: What is This Place?
IMPRINT: Audio Dregs Recordings
CAT #: ADR085 / ABR01
UPC: 845121073416


  • 01. What Is This Place
  • 02. Granting Every Multiple Wish
  • 03. Sifting in Sans?
  • 04. It Happens To Be SOS
  • 05. Making Sure For Certain
  • 06. X Portions of a Whole
  • 07. Being This Thing
  • 08. Creating The Space To Heal
  • 09. Cherish The Moments
  • 10. Passive Inner Fear Rinse


What Is This Place? is a highly listenable experimental album, painted with broad strokes of tone and percolating with percussive detailed bits, plucked strings, found sound, and moody melodics that take you on a journey, an abstracted adventure in sound.

Set In Sand creates emotional and rambunctious organic electronic music, often sourcing from a variety of musical and real life sounds; saw blades and vacuum tubes, guitars as percussion, deconstructed music boxes, cello, xylophone, chopsticks on snare, a marching band, or a swarm of bees. The sounds are then loosely sculpted into a hybridization of melodic sound collage and dreamy deep-listening soundscapes.  A co-release with Abandon Building.

Set In Sand - What Is This Place? CD
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