Dublab presents: Into Focus

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"This dublab curated compilation will guide you into high states of inner focus through sound.  You are invited to float this path to heightened calm, clarity, and concentration by listening to these songs crafted to enhance the meditative mindstate. "

Includes an unreleased E*Rock "Psyquest" track.

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Plazm Magazine 1991-2013 (with E*Rock Soundtrack)

by Eric Mast

"Liquid Agency presents 22 years of Plazm in Liquid Space, our office gallery in Portland. As part of the exhibit, we created this video of every page of every issue of Plazm, hand turned for your viewing pleasure by one of our trusty interns. E*Rock created a score. The video is looping in our gallery space. If you can't make it there, feel free to enjoy it here. Running time is just under two hours. Kick back, get a cup of coffee or another beverage of your choice, and enjoy. To learn more about Plazm or any specific content in any of the back issues, visit plazm.com."

July 27 - EV Fest

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EV FEST is an all day celebration of art and music at the Everett Station Lofts! LINEUP:

MELTING SKY - Celestino GG Alien Guzo Jackie McDowell Lyrels Plankton Wat

Interactive sound/light installation ~ MULTIPLEX - A Pale Blue Dot Concrete Floor E*Rock Jason Urick Leisure LLC Memoir Tunnels

Sounds and Visuals (SEATTLE): Claire Haranda Frankie Crescioni Nick Bartoletti Ozma Otacava ~ SOHITEK - Ben Glas Cameron Rogers Ghosties Stevie Schmit Dual Mode Pegasus Dream +more

With work by Tyler Mackie ~ TIMESHARE Coastlands Floral Leviticus Appleton Thumper +more

E*Rock - The Great Underground Empire

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New E*Rock album available now! Cassette via Gnar Tapes. The Great Underground Empire is a conceptual synth album based off an early text adventure game developed in 1979 that I played as a kid on my family's PC throughout the early 80's. It was an exploration of "the ruins of an ancient empire lying far underground" with no music or graphics, just glowing text on a black screen. The music serves as a virtual soundtrack performed almost exclusively on my old Prophet 600 and Juno 60 synthesizers which were released about the same time that I was learning to type in order to wander said dungeons.

My First 3D (group show)

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Monday April 1, 7pmMY FIRST 3D Assembled by Ben Coonley. MICROSCOPE GALLERY, Brooklyn, NY. 70 minute program. Admission $6.

Works by: Trisha Baga, Jeremy Bailey, Peter Burr, Ben Coonley, Ian Cheng, James Fotopoulos, Dara Greenwald, Adam Khalil, Monica Kogler & Rose Mori, Sara Ludy, Thomas Martinez, Yvonne Martinez, Eric W Mast, Brenna Murphy, Tara Mateik, Sabrina Ratté, Billy Rennekamp, Yoshi Sodeoka, JD Walsh and more.

New Year's Eve at Holocene 2012-1013

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HOLOCENE NYE 2012 / 2013 featuring: The Miracles Club Jeffrey Jerusalem Band Brainstorm Hosannas Magic Fades DJ Beyondadoubt DJ E*Rock DJ Zack

Ring in the new year with us! We have our favorite bands and DJs getting you moving from 9 til late. Jeffrey Jerusalem - recently transplanted from Portland to LA - is back to perform a mega-jam with Brainstorm and members of Sex Life. Hosannas will be blending Four Tet and Caribou covers with their own stellar new set of dream-pop numbers. See you on the floor!

9pm | $18.00 day of show

$18 day of show for the party, $25 advance at Stranger Tickets for the VIP cocktail hour + the party (with guaranteed ins and outs)