Supernature #54: Wed. May 23

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Audio Dregs & Rotture are proud to present..SUPERNATURE 4-YEAR ANNIVERSARY PARTY!

featuring.. VICE COOLER (from LA!) $KULL$ DROPA DJ BJ

Doors 9pm, Admission $5 & 21+

Vice Cooler is an American musician, photographer, author and visual artist. Currently the singer/songwriter for Hawnay Troof & Xbxrx (and touring member for Chicks on Speed and Raincoats.)

Since his beginnings in '98, Cooler has become a strong influence on underground art culture throughout the world, being recognized by people like High Places and Henry Rollins as an "inspiration". Peaches has crowned him as the world's greatest performer, while Aaron Rose describes him as, "one of the most talented entertainers alive." Even Solange Knowles has praised his fashion and music on her twitter.

Very excited to host Vice Cooler's Portland debut!

Superfresh Fest 333

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Supernature: Electric Booglaoo Mix_Podcast

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Cover_500.jpgThis was originally made as a souvenir CDR for the first 50 at the door for Super Fest 2: Electric Booglaoo in, The Electric Booglaoo Mix showcases a variety of bands that have played the monthly live music dance party Supernature and music fests in 2010. Thanks to everyone that has participated thus far in keeping the Portland underground music scene vital! mp3: here Explode Into Colors "Coffins (E*Rock Remix)" Reporter "Click Shaw" Fake Drugs "Past Empires" Bobby Birdman "Weighty Weight (Jeffrey Jerusalem Remix)" Guidance Counselor "Bad Love" May Ling "Radiate" We Like Cats "Meow Hear Me Roar" Copy "It Could Have Been More" Pegasus Dream "Lady Luck" Strategy "Bolly Valve 2000" Nice Nice "A Vibration" Deelay Ceelay "Tange_Rine" Jeffrey Jerusalem "Disco Drymouth" The Miracles Club "Light of Love" Soft Metals "The Cold World Melts" Fleshtone "Cosmicwave" Operative "Pulse" Leech "I Can't Kick This Feelin' (Moodymann Cover)" Strength "Metal" Flaspar "Vanishing Point (Combat Drug Lights Out Remix)" Atole "Strike Zone" Breakfast Mountain "Just Jamm It" Mattress "They Like You" Dangerous Boys Club "Future Sex"

SuperFest 2: Electric Boogaloo_video

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Audio Dregs & Supernature are proud to present:Superfest2! Electric Boogaloo All-Ages Electronic and Dance Music Festival @ Rotture, 315 SE 3rd Ave (21+ Bar in Branx) Friday, July 16: Copy (Duo Debut w/ Andy from Guidance Counselor/Dirty Mittens on drums!), Wampire, Fake Drugs (members of Starfucker), Hosannas, Strategy, Joey Casio, Rude Dudes DJs Saturday, July 17: Deelay Ceelay, Strength, Atole, Operative, E*Rock, Pegasus Dream, DJ Linoleum Doors 7pm, $8 per night -or- $12 Advanced 2-Day Tix at Jackpot Records and ADR presale passes will also get copies of the Superfest 2 zine the day of the show.