Lullatone "A Slow Waltz (Halo Remix)" mp3

by Eric Mast in

Lullatone "A Slow Waltz (Halo Remix)" Here's a remix by Italian artist Halo from a classic Lullatone track (free download). He does a great job at preserving the minimal melodic nature of the song, but puts a new spin on it. Halo is a project of Pasquale Riviezzo, age 21, which coincidently is the same age as Shawn Seynour when we released his first album, Computer Recital on Audio Dregs in 2003 where this song came from. In Pasquale's words:

"This is a remix I made for Lullatone, a popular music group based in Nagoya, Japan, whose music is characterized by an innocent, child-like quality and spare, lo-fi sounds. It will be included in a compilation CD which will be released in China later this year."