What Justice Means to Me

by Eric Mast in

expanded-upseiude.jpg I was totally just remembering this when I hung out with my sister recently, but when we were kids at this one middle school together there was a writing contest with the theme "What Justice Means to Me" and there was some big cash prize, Like $500 maybe. Something huge to us, and my sister Emily, she was the good writer so she entered it, and me and my brother are like "Whatever, we think it's a scam.". So she wins and goes to DC and read the thing (the president was probably there and whatever) and then the school totally kept all the money that my 12 year old sister won! Can you believe the irony!? "What Justice Means to a little girl..." So me and my brother laughed at her a bit, but she has been pissed at that school ever since and went on to be an art major because of it. Ha. Screw writing! That's why me and my brother played Nintendo and drew instead! Anyway, she's a rad artist now, so maybe it was for the best.