Dramarama 01

by Eric Mast in


Ok, I thought it would be great to do a full yacht style tour update while I was in Europe, but that proved to be difficult, especially since I left my camera charger at home. I'll try and piece together a bit of it even though its been a while. The first five days we spent hanging out here at Jelle Crama's place. He's the guy that set this thing up and does awesome art also. So here we had the Avarus dudes (Finnland), Dreamhouse (Providence), CF (Providence), Glamorous Pat (Portland), Matt Brinkman (Providence), Xander Morose (Providence), Seripop (Montreal), and Bongout (Berlin). We all drew for days and then screen printed a this book. The art image is my page from the book. It's an exploding head but you can't make it out so much with all the background activity.