Dramarama 02

by Eric Mast in

dramarama03.jpg The the next part of this was this huge 2 day music fest. It was huge, probably 50 bands played and really a great vibe all around. I'm not about to try and remember all the people that played, but off the top of my head Kites, Brinkman & Xander, Avarus, Hetero Skeleton, Tomutonttu, Eats Tapes, Extreme Animals, Fckn Basards, Dream House, Yellow Swans, Grey Skull, Fat Work of Error, Evil Moisture, and myself. Someone posted some quicktimes at ecstatic peace. This is the poster and some live shots of Eats Tapes, Tomutonttu, and a the final Jamm of the festival which was something like Eats Tapes+Evil Moisture+Dennis Tyfus+Matt Brinkmann+E*Rock.