FS Blumm - Food

by Eric Mast in

 F'S'BLUMM - FOOD (smaller)

F'S'BLUMM - FOOD (smaller)

FS Blumm has a new album out! F.S.BLUMM took a break from himself: no solo-release within 5 years (*).  A break from his musical habits: consuming quasi nothing but female-hip-hop and rootsy-dub. No pling, no plong, no guitar-picking.  Now he slowly returns, warming up his fingers with a little collection of instrumentals. Solo jam-sessions to the recording-machine.  This is not the succession of F.S.BLUMMs "Summer Kling".  One might miss those typically condensed compositions, those musical thoughts compressed in a nutshell.  This is a special inbetweenie! A little snack, some eardrum refreshment!  ..and isn't there indeed a little hip-hop-flavour left? Can't one still imagine a female rapper on top of "FRÜH" or "KLEI"?  Please enjoy this convenient collection of recordings while you're waiting for Blumm's little big next album: "F.S.BLUMM- The King Of Pling"  PLEASE DONATE! THANKS!!

(*) ..lots of collaborative releases though, with Bobby Baby, Old Splendifolia, the QDD, Nils Frahm, David Grubbs, Anne Laplantine, Lucrecia Dalt and a split-tape with Bradien

P.S.: The "FOOD"-photo was done by F.S.BLUMM during a west-coast-tour with E*Rock and Greg Davis on their way to Las Vegas at the entrance of the Mojave Desert.