Best Album Covers v05

by Eric Mast in

covers05.jpg Ok, I'm back with another chapter of The Best Album Covers of All Time. Again, These are not anything I made, purely influences and favorites. 1. The classic Rammelzee vs K-Rob: which was drawn and released by Basquiat. One of the most sought after hip-hop 12"s until its reissue a few years back. Easy to see why this is such a good design.Simple hand drawn cover, you never saw stuff as direct as this back then. 2nd row: three Francois Hardy album covers. This is cheating, just because she's so beautiful the covers made it to the list. Although I do enjoy the minimal, classic 60's close-up album covers. 3rd row: Deep Purple's "Book of Talismen". This is a great psych-prog drawing, comparable to like something Leif Goldberg would do, although, you know he'd probably do it even better. Next: Bo Hanson's "Magician's Hat" is just a great fantasy image, and Caetano Veloso's Self-Titled (1968) is an awesome, powerful psych design, that you would buy just for the cover staring at you. This dude put out three self-titled records though in three years! They're all great too! What a weirdo. Last Row: Electrosold Collectif and a couple Fan Club Orchestra Records. These I bought based on the stunning simplicity of hand drawn covers (like the Ramelzee vs K-Rob), and again the music lives up to the cover. Obscure, modern damaged German electronics; the 2 Fan Club records were reissued on one CD on Mouse on Mars' excellent Sonig label as well.