Sharpie Memories

by Eric Mast in

nuthat.gif Oh man, Greg Davis sent me this scan today (thanks G!) of a drawing I did a few years back while we were on tour together and it made me laugh! It was totally my first ever tour. I went out with Greg and Lullatone and we had lots of good jokes involving the mythical "nut hat". I won't bother trying to explain it, as far as jokes can evolve when trapped in a car for hours on end, it got pretty deep. We used a French accent a lot in the car when developing said joke and it kinda stuck on Shawn. Even though he tried to turn it off he started speaking with his French accent upon arriving in Quebec, but luckily no one seemed to notice and didn't kick his ass. I haven't hung out with Shawn since, but we're doing a mini Japan tour together in May! Info will be posted here: