Extrapool Flicks

by Eric Mast in

extrpoolflicks.jpg Second week in Europe we spent in Nijmegan, Netherlands at a place called Extrapool. We spent the week drawing and made a second book there in an edition of 300. Extrapool is a really great place that puts on shows and publishes books and a label. They have these really unique stencil printing machines that we used to print the book. Hopefully I'll post some of those images when I get my copies of the book back. Top row: The squat we crashed at in an abandoned office space, square in the middle of downtown mall-esque area. Below Left: drawing at Extrapool, Yannick and Chloe (Seripop), Arrtu and Roope (Pirrustkerho, aka Finnish Drawing Club), coffee machine+mixing board=lifeforce, Extreme Animals, and green apples.