Berlin Flicks

by Eric Mast in

berlinflicks01.jpg So I met this giant Rob Halford on the streets of Berlin and Mr. FS Blumm got this snapshot with my disposable camera. It was a few days after our Audio Dregs show with Kinn, Semuin and Lucky Dragons. I wish I had some shots off all those dudes playing. Also Eats Tapes and Extreme Animals tore it up at the Transmedialle, and Mumbleboy VJed the opening night of the festival until 7am! Mumbleboy is a hardcore VJ, his stuff looked so amazing beamed around the space from eleven projectors! Wish I had photos of that too. Extreme Animals had a weird jugaloo fan up front with a face mask on who kept clumsily dancing and slapping into people and harassing the six cameramen taking up the entire front row of the show. Sounds like he was cool from that description, but I assure you he wasn't.