Max Warriors PDX

by Eric Mast in

maxwarriors04.gif -------------------------------------- MAXIMUM WARRIORS (PDX) Curated by Devon Varmega Showing: Yes (628 E Burnside St, Portland, OR 97214) Opening: Friday Aug. 4 2006 7pm Live performances at opening by E*Rock and Romancing (w/ Panther) Featuring the art of: Dearraindrop (USA), Andrew Jeffrey Wright (Philly) , Zeloot (Rotterdam, Netherlands), Seripop (Montreal, CAN), Matt Lock (Austin, TX), Devon Varmega (Seattle), E*Rock (PDX), and Brent Wadden (Berlin, GER). This show debuted in June in Seattle at No Space Gallery and is now making its Portland appearance for the moneth of August. In addition, a limited edition hand made book will be made for the show including work from all the artists. Maximum Warrior is about the awe-inspiring powers of childhood heroes once forgotten in the much dreaded process of getting old. Neon wishwash and kaleidoscope vision blur the gap between the throwaway culture of the 80’s and the modern world that these artists are interpreting. Maximum Warriors diverse array of artists display a mind numbing collage of seizure inducing adorations for anyone from Conan to Ted Nugget. Some of the artists have shown at such high profile galleries as Deitch Projects (NYC) and New Image (LA) while some have never displayed their work and make their public debut with this show. The supposed fine line of artistic professionalism is challenged in an effort to bring all demographics of art to the table, and celebrate their uniqueness therein. links::: Dearraindrop: AJW: Zeloot: Seripop: E*Rock: Brent Wadden: Matt Lock: