Alog, White Rainbow & E*Rock

by Eric Mast in

alog01.gif Here's the poster I just made up for a show that I'm excited about. Audio Dregs Presents: Tuesday 8/15/06 at Holocene, Portland, OR: ALOG: (Rune Grammofon) is a Norwegian due of fuzzy electronics and instruments which is somehow as human is it is smart and elusive. First time performing in the states! ”setting new standards in contemporary music” -The Milkfactory (UK) "one of modern music´s most interesting groups." -BBC Online (UK) "A tangle of lines and a mix of musical languages result - it's Techno, minimalism, electronica, post-rock. It's original, it's derivative, it's spontaneous, it's contrived." - Julian Cowley, The Wire Magazine (UK) WHITE RAINBOW: Portland's premier vibe artist, Adam Forkner, going deep into the zone and deep into the zome, but you already know this if you're from Portland. E*ROCK: will be performing new video+live audio pieces and exploded psychedelia. There will be lots of flashing animated phasing and you may have a seizure.