by Eric Mast in

plants_totem.jpg I managed to get this CDR together in time for Plants to leave on a little west coast tour... pretty much this is what i did all day yesterday, picked up the screens at and just jammed this thing out (thanks Squeaky!). It's a hand screened edition of 100 CDRs, three color Arigatopak (thanks Stumptown!) a recording they did on the coast in June, recorded inside of yurts and bunkers. A really nice selection of songs with lots of natural echo, chants and deep acoustic percussion elements, and you can hear the bugs and birds and creature in the background, picked up from the PZMs from inside the bunkers. Really nice. The picture shows the design, my basement screen studio to the finished product. I've got a few up for sale at the ozone site for $6. Real cheap, so it should go fast! I'll also bring some to Ozone Records and Anthem as well. We got a web site for Plants together too. (finally) I don't actually have the dates where they're playing, but probably listed at their myspace page.