by Eric Mast in

fiascotronix.gif When I first moved to Portland the only electronic shows being organized were by this dude David Chandler that I met when he would come into the record store, either to buy weird records or drop off strange handbills. The monthly event was called Frequency and I would sometimes run into David at 2am at Kinko's, and he'd be assembling these crazy flyers, but not just regular flyers. They started as all hexagonal and hand screened with like house paint or metallic, but then they started getting 3-dimensional! There was one that was folded into a pyramid that was really cool. For the final Frequency show he screened on recycled CD-Roms. These were the first Portland shows I would go to and see people performing with hardware, maybe a couple DJs spinning weird electro stuff, but these were pre-laptop days mind you. Now that I think of it this is the first place I saw DJ Brokenwindow spin, but also people like Brian Foote playing with a full desktop computer, or Solenoid jamming on some midi gear, or a bunch of dudes forming a midi-drum circle. Basically, David Chandler was the guy building a little scene before there was any sort of "outsider electronic music" genre invented and getting all of us nerds out of the house. Not only that but he had this own special flyer approach. So of course, it was David that had the idea to draw up this pop-up handbill for this show we're doing together next month. In true Community Library fashion it involves not just DJing or hardware, but mixing both in a way that breaks down the idea genre and what beats are yours and what beats are records. ------------------------- Fiasco-tronix Thursday Oct.12, 2006, 9pm at Ground Kontrol (PDX) DJ Broken Window & E*Rock