by Eric Mast in

halleluwah_poster01.gif Here's another poster I did for a crazy big festival this month put on by my friends Yeti and Blackbird. more info here: http://www.halleluwah.org/ September 1 and 2, 2006 Blackbird & Yeti Magazine proudly present HALLELUWAH: a festival of enthused arts at Disjecta Interdisciplinary Arts Center FRIDAY Deerhoof (San Francisco, CA) Michael Hurley (Astoria, OR) Tara Jane O'Neil Old Time Relijun Trumans Water Nice Nice Grails White Rainbow Theo Angell (New York, NY) Golden Bears Romancing Acre (Olympia, WA) E*Rock SATURDAY Vashti Bunyan (London, UK) Dengue Fever (San Francisco, CA) Sir Richard Bishop (Seattle, WA) Jackie-O Motherfucker The Watery Graves Valet Plants Holysons Katharina Tunicata (Seattle, WA) Alela Diane Watery Graves Whip Ghosting Rob Walmart Tunnels Ilyas Ahmed Goatgirl (Seattle, WA) Douglas Shepherd