Tour Report: London

by Eric Mast in

minitour_london.jpg My first trip to London was rad, thanks to Matt Thornhill and some peeps from XL Recordings, who also let me tag along for a tour of the city they were giving to Elvis Perkins and band. It worked out well for them too because Elvis's needed me to stand for the fourth member (who happened to be about my height and build) for a photo op, while crossing Abbey Road. Ratatat played a killer show. I took a bunch of photos and Matt operated the smoke machine while we rocked out. I enjoyed the other acts as well. Somehow I ended up painting this lampshade at Cherise's flat after I discovered some watercolors which I was using to paint some Smurfs. (I later noticed she had a Brian Chipendale screen print on the wall with some Smurfs-which was funny parallel to me for other reasons as well). I'm sure this lamp shade will be on eBay in a week for 200 pounds, so keep your eyes peeled. The next morning Evan and I searched out a full English breakfast at a greasy spoon around the corner (where I found the awesome tag pictured). Breakfast had all sorts of weird little piles: baked beans, grilled tomato, black pudding, sausage, other meats, mushrooms, and a big stack of "toasts", but they didn't toast the "toasts", so I'm not sure what that's all about. After words we had to wander quite a ways to get back to his hotel, but saw a cool little gallery called Nog that featured the Paper Rad books in the window and had a drawing by homie Matt Lock on the wall, and managed to also to find a couple nice David Shrigley books along the way too. All in all a great intro to the UK for me.