Tour Report: Nijmegen/Extrapool

by Eric Mast in

minitour_extrapool.jpg Extrapool is this really awesome printing/art organization in Nijmegen that I had a chance to work at last year and was fully into. So, of course, I was stoked to be able to set up another screening/performance show there. Ola headed there earlier than me to hang some wall paper for their performance space (as see in the picture; an aged blue Michael Jackson print, with some added spray paint stencil work.) Everyone there is super awesome and super relaxed, so its creates a really creative atmosphere. They also carry a lot of hand made books, CDRs, LPs and and things in their Halfwithal shop connected to the office, which is perfect place for me to pick up a couple Jelle Crama and Dennis Tyfus releases. Can't get those back home. My Brighton show was cancelled due to some club ownership changes (thanks anyway to 20JFG for giving it a shot at the last minute!) but I wasn't too worried because it gave me some extra time. Ola and I had been working on an idea for a collaborative animated DVD, a more narrative story involving some of her usual characters, plus some newly acquired mythical, cube-solving, dudes that we picked up whilst in town. So after the performance we spent a day drawing, planning, and laying out a DVD cover to take advantage of the excellent printing setup they have there. They use special stencil printers that print super saturated spot colors with vegetable based inks. The only place in Europe (or America) that I know with these machines. We printed up a couple hundred covers the next day and had them trimmed to specs so that we'll be prepared for when they DVD comes out.