FRYK03_Secret Lawns LP cover

by Eric Mast in

FRYK03_cover.jpg Here's the artwork for the new Panther CD+LP+DVD. Its another collaboration between Daniel Peterson and myself which involved several different photo shoots trying to capture the right moment between Natural Geographic stop motion photos and Panther-esqu dance moves. The last shoot took place on Portland's windiest night of the year after we rode our bikes across town, surprised Charlie with a visit, and then proceeded to drink Sparks and throw wet grass from the neighbors' lawn at Charlie's head. We've been working hard on Secret Lawns for ages now and is the first proper full length album by Panther! I'm totally stoked on the finished product. It's hard to describe the music in actual words so I feel it might take a while for some people to really get what Panther is doing even though we take his thing for granted here in Portland. The album gets really weird at times, more so than normal, but also really poppy and, dare I say "catchy". So far he's been compared from everything from Justin Timberlake, Prince, Huey Lewis and the News, TV on the Radio, A.R.E. Weapons, but my favorite so far is "James Brown-grade funk in the year 2419A.D". JAMMMMMMM! The first 1000 copies will also come with a free DVD. Its got five music videos, floor dancing, a live sequence, people receiving electrical shocks, and some other not-so-easy to describe moments. You can pre-order the CD/LP/DVD now at too.