Kiiiii Poster

by Eric Mast in

kiiiii_poster.jpg Here's a poster that Mumbleboy and I jammed out for Tokyo's Kiiiii last night. I first heard this band through Mumbleboy on the Sonido Uzumaki compilation he put together for an art show of the same name at Hanna Gallery in Tokyo. I also did a track for that comp, as well as Yacht and amix of some other Audio Dregs artists. I've heard Kiiiii are great live, but I'll miss them because Ratatat is also in town that same night. Hopefully I'll see them in June though in Tokyo, where they might play at another art opening we're doing. Anyway, Mumbleboy was in town looking for a place to live, as he's relocating to Portland. So after he talked to Reiko from Kiiiii we put this together while watching youtube videos.