Tour Report: Den Haag/Helbaard

by Eric Mast in

minitour_haag.jpg This is a hand bill for our Den Haag show made by Zeloot , who lives in the castle below and happens to be one of the best poster makers around as well. I'd met Zeloot, Riff Drivel and Pierre, three of the fine folks when on tour the previous winter, each one in separate cities and occasions, but a few degrees separated by the Dramarama fest. Nowadays they also put on shows in the basement of this here castle. Its pretty much the best DIY show space ever. Super rad people, really awesome place covered in awesome posters that they screened in house. Sweet art collective vibe, huge old spacious building and they even made us a nice dinner and put us up for the night. The next morning I got hooked up with some really inspiring posters and a book+CDR the Zeloot and Riff Drivel screened with Seripop , who'd been shacking up there a few weeks previous. The only thing that could have made this better would be to have some more time to hang out.