Tour Report: Utrecht/Impkat

by Eric Mast in

minitour_utrecht.jpg Ok, starting off this European mini tour I flew into Amsterdman and met up with the lovely and talented "Ola Vasiljeva and then we went straight to Utrecht, Holland and got to work on my first time teaching. Ola had just finished a residency in Utrecht and was responsible for inviting me for this thing. The workshop was a three day class on making your own "Dogman 99" movie for some students at the art school there. I have to say that it went pretty smooth for my firs time teaching. Most of the kids had very little Flash experience, so I started pretty basic. The lessons were along these lines: first we animate a van driving down the street, next we animated a dancing, then we make his head explode, and now we import pixel graphics from photoshop, do some alpha tricks and add audio. The day after the last class Ola and I did a presentation/screening/performance for Impakt. The news was advising everyone to stay home due to intense, record breaking wind storms, but we ignored such advice. Evidently a large crane fell over and killed some people, but even against these odds people showed for the event and it went rather well. No died, etc.