Flacana Flacana Cover

by Eric Mast in

ADR064_cover.gif This is the new design I made for the latest Audio Dregs release. This something I've wanted to do for a while, as far as taking this sort of simplicity to this extreme. I like the idea of looking around in a record store and you see the bright colors and simple shapes no text on the front or back cover, this little plastic box shrink wrapped, kind of forces you to use your imagination. It would grab my eye and make me curious. Of course, people don't really buy music out of curiosity based on covers anymore, and you can't browse through covers on iTunes, and people don't really buy CDs if you put it that way, so this is based on my own personal relationship with music. Most of these changes seem to be about making music more and more commodity based. If it were up to me I would release things on vinyl only and then put the digital version out there as well. The Punks did this with their latest record, which is pretty cool. Melodium's new album is currently available at darla, and in stores soon as well.