Who I think I am

by Eric Mast in

thisisnotcomp05.jpg Here's some drawings I made for a new book for an Italian art/design publisher that does one of my favorite online works magazines as well. What they say about it: "It is about a book called Who I think I am which is the 5th Compendium of the internet specific publication http://www.thisisamagazine.com and/or http://www.thisisnotamagazine.com with over 200 pages of new works, of which over 150 pages have been cut, sliced, diced, scored, folded and generally messed with then stitch-bound into a hard-cover with a laminated D.I.Y. paper scultpure as a dust-jacket. It is also a sinteractive book where the reader is invited to complete Who I think I am with over 100 stickers, a How do Artists Live? survey card, a fold and read chapter, a bag of previously removed Compendia pieces, a hidden chapter (the world's worst comic), a (Shoboshobo) mask to see through their eyes, and extended works available for download from the sinternet at http://www.whoithinkiam.com" Thankyou for reading. I'll post some more drawings soon... I hope.