by Eric Mast in

adrsite01.gif Ok, this is kind of a boring thing to blog about, but this was the recent design issue of the week and I gave the ADR site a makeover in lieu of some many new releases in the works for the tail end of 2006. I worked on a Flash splash intro and gave a new font for the main page. Its called "Rockwell Extrabold". I swear I didn't choose it because of the name.. I just got lucky. Also added a radio player with mp3s from most of the catalog. I was struggling with getting the code for this right, but luckily Yacht saved my code-ass. Its funny that I still have the site based on the same little pixel icons from when I first created the site in like 1998. These little files were modified from the old Mac Finder, remember those? 32 pixels by 32 pixels. I was into the pixel thing, but also had the challenge of making something that would be easy to update and modify, be dial-up friendly, and not too text based. Its held up surprisingly well. I also took down the old survey that my brother an I made in like 2001 because the script stopped working in June. We received about 450 completed surveys with a lot of funny replies. I think only half the people really got the joke. It was basically an excuse to make fake pie charts and entertain ourselves for an evening. Yeah, keep in mind Youtube hadn't been invented yet, so making pie charts was still considered the next obvious choice for using computers for entertainment purposes.