Digital Pogs

by Eric Mast in

digitalpogs.gif What are the kids into these days? Tamagotchi? Magic cards? Pogs? No way man, I mean, that was a fad in the 90's, but this is a new millenium man. The kids of today are all hi-tech and getting into DIGITAL POGS! Ok, so my friend Micheal Bell-Smith went live with his "Pog page" yesterday. While you were watching Kramer on youtube, this was new future fad was just being born. Like Mike says, Digital Pogs are like real pogs... but digital! And that means for you: more portable, animated in 256 colors, easier to share with your homies. The possibilities are there. What do you do with them? Well, you can collect em. Make a folder called "Pog sack", change the icon to look a green plastic tube, and start collecting buddy. Or add them to your Myspace page right? As you can see Forkner already got into the DP, Paper Rad is in, Tom Moody. This is both high art AND hich tech so get em now while they're free. I think Microsoft is eyeing the thing and when they buy it out you'll to use "Microsoft Points" to purchase DPs to feed your craving for more.