New Zones

by Eric Mast in

groangrown Our friends over at States Rights Records have unleashed a new release in their Zone series. It's a bit like the "For Friends" series at Audio Dregs, producing low price get togethers of artists from all over, but this one is a real doozie! The theme was sort of creating a song in the style of music from a high school era influence that you'd most likely grown out of, or maybe still had a fondness for, or maybe a guilty pleasure, or maybe just something bad... I thought this was a nice challenge, but also ran the risk of being a comp of bad songs right? Luckily it came out really good and is full of weird surprises. Like Valet's hardcore track? I had to read the liner notes to figure out who it was, but that's what made the song and comp even more enjoyable. Lots of homies on this one from Bobby Birdman, White Rainbow, Yacht, Atole, World Court, Panther, Dirty Projectors, Lucky Dragons and so many others. Preview my addition that Micael Byrne posted to Local Cut here Also Adrian Orange's track posted at SRR is really good: No Wonder Sneak peak at the future: Paul Dickow (aka Strategy) is helping to curate an Ambient-Not-Ambient themed "for friends" comp for Audio Dregs. Also, I heard that the next zone comp is going to be called "Warp Zones" of all video game influenced tracks. (By the way, I made that up rumor.)