Goodbye Ozone

by Eric Mast in

poster02.gif Some memorable moment at Ozone Records. • When the huge dude from Poison Idea got arrested for stealing vinyl and trying to sell it across the street at Django's. • John Fahey called up late one evening and was playing guitar over the phone at me for several minutes before getting on the line saying: "Can I talk to the manager there? I can't remember her name but I heard that I'm getting married and I want to know who to." • The time a raging junkie (who'd been kicked out by force several times for getting on the listening station and then singing "Smoke on the Water" real loud while listening to whatever) hours later he kicked the door down after the store closed because he thought he forgot his sun glasses. Monty from Rollerball told him calmly, "Dude you gotta leave, the cops are on their way." • The time Brandon (Pseudo Six) told his "creamed jeans" story at an employee meeting. Jamie Rich has some good ones here as well: