by Eric Mast in

rollin01.jpg I just got back from Chicago for Version Fest 7: "We' Rollin. They're Hatin." which was a Lumpen's Dungeons & Dragons themed art+music fest. As usual I didn't take enough photos, as in barely any. I even had to snag a couple off of other participation artists Flickr sites. (Thanks Little Friends: Rollin in Chicago_01: It was a awesome time though with an impressive list of artists. You can see my mural here and Paper Rad working on their window piece. They have this awesome technique of arriving with blank canvases and just making the art on the spot. I guess that's what I did as well, except without the canvases. I showed with a brush and hoped for the best. It was nice to have some uninterrupted time to just draw on a wall though. I'd been wishing for more time to draw, so this was perfect.