Rathot Chili Pepperz

by Eric Mast in

ratatatrmx01.gif Here's my interpretation of the new Ratatat 12" cover, not very accurate, but whatever-artists always do that, right?! Anyway, it's got my remix of "Kennedy", a variation on "Loud Pipes" as well as a new B-side called "Goose." Mostly you'll be listening to my remix though because its a nice and heavy, epic dance floor bomber. Kind of similar to the E*Vax remix of "Wildcat" in feel, but a little more crunk with those noisy E*Rock style oscillations and a sample of Portland's king of black noise (aka Lenny) in the mix. I'm excited about it though since it's not often that I get my remixes on wax, let alone one with a gold foil print job. This reminds me though, I think I need to work on my Yacht remix. I never heard a deadline on that, but hopefully its no rush because I kind of spaced it. As I was "cooking" dinner tonight I got a text from my brother who's playing Coachella tonight... something about Justice being really awesome with nine Marshall stacks on stage and a giant light up cross. Sounds epic and makes me feel really lame that I haven't gotten my new music and performance ideas together yet after years of contemplating. Then my Mom sent me this email with an interview she read with Anthony Kiedis... (I know, that's a funny way to start off a story, like he best one since my Dad emailed me "Have you seen the new Dizzee Rascal video yet!" That one made me laugh, uh Dad when did you get into grime?) Yes, me and Evan were recently making somewhat sarcastic comments in a local weekly during a double interview about The Red Hot Chili Guys being the number one influence, and I know that isn't very constructive and we wouldn't normally diss on a band in public. But this was more poking fun at ourselves, since they haven't done much for us musically in many many years, but it may have been true when we were 16/11 years old. So we were just having a little joke time, as is often the case when you put us together and ask us to talk. Or to be silent. I still think Frusciante's records are amazing, but what I was getting at is the interview with Anthony about playing Coachella this year as well as Ratatat so here it is: The PopWatch Interview: Anthony Kiedis at Coachella By Simon Vozick-Levinson ...A: "I want to see Ratatat. I can’t pass up the opportunity to see Sonic Youth tonight — they’re just always good. And then I’m gonna peep Bjork." What’s been the highlight of the first day so far for you? A: "I wanted to see the Arctic Monkeys, ..." As a true festival vet, what’s your take on the scene here tonight? A "Well, I get excited about music. So my hope is that I come down here and somebody rocks my world." Has that happened yet? A: "I’m still waiting. But I think Ratatat’s gonna get some in. They manage to bring a real emotional quality into electronic music that I feel in my heart."