Bone Thugs -N- Dudes

by Eric Mast in

bonethugsndudes.gif I never blogged on this one, but did play it on someone's podcast, so maybe that's why I spaced it. Anyway Copy made this awesome CDR of his own remixes of Bone Thugs -N- Harmony and everyone's been pretty stoked on it, playing it loud in their cars, roller skating to it, up in the clubs and so on. So far the only way to get it is to buy his new CD or LP, entitled Hair Guitar, but there's also an mp3 posted now at fluo kids. The cover is features my rendition of Bones and has some guest appearance drawings by Ola Vasiljeva. Marius on the back cover coming out of a brick wall in Cleveland is a reference to their "Crossroads" video, if anyone remembers that? Youtube it if you don't, its great. get "Ecstacy" mp3 here: order CD here: