Drobomatic Drobulations v.1

by Eric Mast in

drobo01.gif VARIOUS ARTISTS LABEL: Audio Dregs Editions (2007) CAT#: ADE05 EDITION of 65 I had an extremely vivid dream in 1987 that I still remember perfectly; I was in a "Star Wars cantina"-esque bar. It was real slimy and dark, and inhabited entirely by rough-shaped metallic cyborgs. I could tell that they didn't enjoy my presence in their bar as an outsider, and I was getting some dark vibes from most of the rugged and strange droids around me. The reason I remember the dream so well though is because of the music they were playing, which was totally amazing and burned deep into my memory banks. I didn't want to leave until I heard as much of the music as I could, but that was becoming harder and harder at the time to avoid conflict while I listened to their harsh repetitive beats, growing increasingly hostile and loud. In 1997 I met Mr. Brinkman for the first time and it was total deja-vü; we drunkenly stumbled into a basement drum & bass club in Antwerp. The music matched up to my dream perfectly. Evidently Mr. Brinkman had had a similar dream years ago as well. All the kids in the club were on some kind of European cough syrup and playing the records at about half the BPMs. No one was dancing. We couldn't tell if they even enjoyed it, but our minds were blown by the weird robotic beats and overall scene. This tweaked DJ dude sold us a few mixtapes that read DROBO on them in some hand drawn typeface, but the rest was in Russian or some other language, and we couldn't really tell what he was talking about because his accent was so heavy and his words so slurred by the syrup. We took the mixes with us and played them to shreds over the next few months and managed to track down a few 12"s of various DROBO heavies before leaving Europe. Unfortunately, I never got a copy of that first cassette and they were all lost when someone swiped a backpack from us at the train station on the way out of town. "Volume One" of that original tape was tucked into a half dead walkman inside that backpack probably discarded along the tracks when they didn't find a dime or anything worth selling in there. I didn't see Brinkman again in person for eight years. Then in 2005 Mr. Brinkman and I crossed paths again in Antwerp at Jelle Crama's Dramarama festival and we decided to recreate the epic mix. It was a bit of a taxing process, but on occasion I would drink a bottle cough syrup and smoke a joint before passing out, then the next morning (or afternoon) I'd record the music from the previous nights dream. This dream usually consisted of me passing into a future time dimension where robotic life forms inhabit the planet as the ruling species and humans are seen as a bit of a pesky sub-species, completely looked down upon for their lack of sense and destroying their own environment. Over the past two years Brinkman did the same process which we combined and finally we've managed to reproduce exactly the original mix from memory, which is what you have here. I hope you enjoy it. order