8-Bit Disco_Poster

by Eric Mast in

8bitdisco_poster.gif Audio Dregs presents: 8-BIT DISCO!!! A chiptune evening featuring a screening of a short documentary called 8-Bit Generation: A French documentary on the rise of chip music featuring Malcolm McLaren (UK), Bodenstandig 2000 (Germany), Micromusic (UK), Wyld File (PDX)... Live performances by touring acts Laromlab (did some great 8-bit Daft Punk remixes that were posted on Palms Out Sound) and Robotcowboy (dude performs with a monitor on his head while playing guitar) as well as local DJs E*Rock and B*Retta mixing up their dance sets with some NES influenced beats. Holocene 9pm Links: 8 Bit Generation Laromlab Robotcowboy E*Rock B*Retta