Wize Wiz_Print

by Eric Mast in

wizewiz01.jpg This is the biggest screen print I've ever done, like 6 colors/4 neons on bright yellow paper about 28x40" in an edition of 50! It was made with Bongout when I was staying in Berlin this past summer and was a blast working with Meeloo on this. I have a few of them if you want to buy one for $50 US you can email me, but if you're in Europe you can get them from Bongout who are opening a showroom very soon! The inaugurating exhibition is Ghana Movie Poster (from February 07th to March 01st 2008) also looks really good. They have tons of great silk screened art books, prints, and shirts that they do so i'm sure the showroom will be packed with awesome stuff. Links: www.bongoût.com