This is (NOT) a magazine #20

by Eric Mast in

thisisnotamag20.gif Hey, some E*Rock drawings in the online edition of This is a magazine you can read it online here It also features some of my favorite drawing dudes Medhi Hercberg/Shoboshobo and David Shrigley! More official info below. --------------------------------------------- Now showing Episodes 20 and 21 of This is a magazine: EPISODE 20 With new works by Alexandra Sviatchenko - Andy Simionato Karen ann Donnachie - Antonio Riello - Alberto Valgimigli Angelo Plessas - Sergei Sviatchenko - Raffaele Marmo E*rock - Porous Walker - Medhi Hercberg/Shoboshobo David Shrigley EPISODE 21 (takeaway PDF) Art 101 or the world's worst comic by the Cult-like animation monsters: The Jonkers (AKA the Onkers or MEGA-bonkers) WHICH MEANS the "Who I think I am" series is now complete. AND you can buy our 5th printed Compendium "Who I think I am" collecting original works by over 40 artists working in and around the internet today, on site: or through these bookstores and galleries: