Helbaard @ ZXZW

by Eric Mast in

zxzw.jpg There was a festival this past week where in Tulburg, Netherlands Zeloot/Helbaard was asked to do an artists residency, so I was invited along. Zeloot and I spent several days collecting cardboard boxes, building these structures, and painting them. It was sort of like a stage installation for the bands that you could move around a bit for different setups. Then there were some good performances on Saturday and Sunday by some free and psyhe people from Belgium and Netherands: Fyoelk (nl)/ Laser Quest (b+nl)/ Pulsating in the eyes of vision (b)/ Gangalai & Gourabai (b)/ Shattered Minds(b)/ Mik Quantius (D)/ Zim Zim Zim (b). It made sort of this relaxed psychedelic sub-festival inside the larger festival and was a good time.