ADR069_Ambient Not Not Ambient

by Eric Mast in

ADR069_Ambient.jpgNew compilation on Audio Dregs! featuring tons off awesome people with exclusive tracks, maybe you can't read the image so here's the full track listing: 1. E*Vax "Awl" 2. White Rainbow "See and The Field Feels" 3. Mudboy "Study for a Sleep Album- 2nd Movement." 4. Dania Shapes "Weird Boombox" 5. Bird Show "Less of Everything" 6. Yellow Swans "To Valleys of Beautiful Arson" 7. WZT Hearts "Discuss Winter" 8. Sawako "Nst" 9. Grouper "Quiet Eyes" 10. Nudge "Dayrise" 11. AM/PM "Even as We Here" 12. Smoke & Mirrors "Ocean" 13. E*Rock "Exexpat" 14. Freeform "Ante Meridian" 15. Chris Herbert "Whips & Jingles" 16. Lucky Dragons "Sayles Street Ok Ok" 17. Valet "Tuesday Partly Sunny". Artwork by Ola Vasiljeva. order >>