Straight Lines

by Eric Mast in

lines.gifPeople used to say, "I can't draw, I'm no artist. I can't even draw a straight line!" Its not easy to draw straight lines, like perfectly straight lines are pretty much impossible. I tried, for real, I really did. You have to hold your breath, and keep your concentration. I had so much more concentration when was a kid, but now I start to blur my vision by the end of the page, and you have to adjust your arm and you break the continuous line and that make a flaw in the drawing of the perfect line. Granted, I don't even care about straight lines, but that's also part of the challenge because if I wanted straight lines I could use a device, or draw it in Flash. So I traied to make myself care for one page. I guess I was only drawing straight lines to see if it would make me real artist. It didn't work.