Zoom in on the Blur

by Eric Mast in

zoomInBlurFinal.jpgZoom in on the Blur: February 22, 2009: 8pm @ Bas Fisher Invitational: 180 NE 39th Street, suite 210, Miami, FL 33137 Description: This program blurs the line between art videos and music videos. Which is which? Does it matter? Why don't we just zoom in on the blur and see where our minds take us. Curated by Elisa Harkins. Films in program: Ethnography of No Place by Rachel Lears and Saya Woolfalk Problem Solvers by Paper Rad Monster Team by Ben Olsen Kitty Concerto by Ryan Brennan Flying Lotus/Parisian Goldfish by Eric Wareheim and Eric Fensler Geomagnetic MindForce Feed by E*Rock Rainbow Dance by Friends With You PIEWALK by Alvaro Ilizarbe