Podcast #4: E*Rock's 8bit Disco Mix

by Eric Mast in

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or direct mp3 I put together a bunch of NES mashups a while back to DJ for the 8 Bit Disco show here in Portland, and finally I got around to assembling a mix of it all for portable listening. Here's the tracklist: Plastic Mode "Baj aIMperial" Double Dragon M Schaffhauser "Justified and Ancient" Ghosts N Goblins Metro Area "Dance Reaction" Blaster Master Liquid Liquid "Scraper" Mike Tyson's Punch Out Chromatics "In The City" Higamos Hogamos "Major Blitzkrieg" Mega Man Syclops "Where's Jason K?" Ghost n Goblins Black Strobe "Abwher Disco" Zelda Alter Ego "Gary" Caslevania ESG "Dance" Copy "Its a Little Too Late" Kid Icarus Health "Lost Time C.L.A.W.S. Remix" Metroid "Brinstar"