Sack & Blumm - Returns_Album Cover

by Eric Mast in

STAUB89_cover.jpgI got the finished version of this album cover today, something I designed for Sack & Blumm on Berlin's Staubgold label. It's a bit of a return to my 2002 "Conscious" style design, working with more abstract, high contrast sketchy automatic drawings, with lots of negative space, a bit formal expressionist and a bit anti-formal. Sack & Blumm were an influential band for me, a collaboration between Cologne's Harald "Sack" Ziegler and Berlin's FS Blumm, their self titled debut on Tomlab (2000?) made me an instant fan. I admit I picked it up based on the lovely album cover and then soon fell in love with the music which was somber yet playful; a variety of acoustic and toy instruments. Loops played and recorded in real-time and shuttled between Cologne and Berlin via cassettes; it didn't quite sound like anything else I had heard before; sparse and experimental, outsider yet informed, melodic and strange. This record eventually it led me to do a collaborative EP and comic book with Harald Ziegler, a collaborative compilation with Tomlab entitled For Friends, and a release on Audio Dregs with FS Blumm. A couple summers ago when I was staying at Extrapool in The Netherlands, Harald happened to be coming through town to play a festival and I got to see him perform live for the first time, in the ruins of a castle outdoors. I was happy to learn that they decided to make a new album recorded between 2004-2007, and they ended up asking me to create the artwork for it (I even helped out with the album title a bit). Now I feel I've come full circle somehow, and I'm listening the the new record and its a nice feeling. I'm still not sure where I'm going with art or music today, but the at least the journey has been good.