Freed Souls Society

by Eric Mast in

freedsouls01.jpgI totally forgot about this, but I discovered this old photo of when Zeloot and I started a T-Shirt line a few years back and never really "went public" with it. I don't even have copies of any of the shirts myself, but we had fun making them and and screening them on 2nd hand shirts; hopefully Zeloot passed them onto friends after I left Den Haag. One shirt was this sort of mushroom face of collaborative drawings, another we did of tons of little heads (similar to the mural we did later that summer) and then there was this unhappy stabby character I made... We named the line after news headline that summer about a guy in Amsterdam that tried to "free the soul" of his dog with a knife and the authorities tried to use the incident as a reason to ban mushrooms in The Netherlands but it turned out he wasn't on mushrooms after all, just plain crazy. I guess that ties in to both the mushroom design and the knife guy design, although we thought the name sounded like a good hippy commune at the time... Wish I had some of these shirts now!