Announcing: Dreem Street (Street Wear)

by Eric Mast in ,

DS01_dog.jpgHitting the "streets" now is a new line, called Dreem Street; which is a hand flawed, fashion-esque, wearable print collaborative project by Matthew Chambers and E*Rock. They sold a collaborative painting to one of Matt's collectors and decided to spend the profits on a big pile of blank shirts. As soon as they realized how bad of an idea this was (it took about a half hour of rolling around in the pile before they realized this, as nothing sobers you up more than cotton), they decided that if they put colorful drawings on them maybe they could unload the lot on an unsuspecting public and BAM they might get some of that money back! So that's what we have. Each shirt comes packaged with a zine, postcard, sticker, and the first round of orders will also get a bonus E*Rock 3inch DVD since we found an extra box of those that we thought were out of print. Questionable pics and shirts available here: