ROTFLOL: "The Peace Tape"

by Eric Mast in

story Julianne Escobedo Shepherd (from The Fader blog) With Paper Rad, Jacob Ciocci has been jamming our brains with recessive pop culture memories and post-adolescent-acquired ADD for a hot minute now, not to mention helping to redefine art for the YouTube generation. "The Peace Tape," though, feels like he's topped himself in the rapidly firing synapses category, shooting creepily unfamiliar found-footage with splats of wacky animated faces that pile up on themselves until it's a terrifying alternate universe, suggesting psychedelia and technology are a caustic pair. But also, really fucking fun. This comes from a DVD of Ciocci's videos, forthcoming on Audio Dregs, which will also release an album of his music and "old school Paper Rad soundtracks" under the moniker ROTFLOL. Read more: