I Made 99 Posters, Bitch! (Plus This One)

by Eric Mast in ,

99-Posters.jpgThis is a poster I screened for my show of posters at a show inside a show. The art show is called: "I Made 99 Posters, Bitch! (Plus This One)": 100 Poster designs by E*Rock Opening Thursday, June 17 @ Holocene, as part of this show: A Few of My Favorite Things : An evening curated by Kathy Foster (of The Thermals) Featuring music by: Y La Bamba, Love Always (Kathy Foster solo), STLS, DJ E*Rock, DJ Magic Beans. Plus dance performances by: Kathleen Keogh (in a dance/music collaboration with The Slaves), Jin Camou. Plus installations by local visual artists! All proceeds benefit Planned Parenthood