SuperFest 2: Electric Boogaloo_video

by Eric Mast in ,

Audio Dregs & Supernature are proud to present:Superfest2! Electric Boogaloo All-Ages Electronic and Dance Music Festival @ Rotture, 315 SE 3rd Ave (21+ Bar in Branx) Friday, July 16: Copy (Duo Debut w/ Andy from Guidance Counselor/Dirty Mittens on drums!), Wampire, Fake Drugs (members of Starfucker), Hosannas, Strategy, Joey Casio, Rude Dudes DJs Saturday, July 17: Deelay Ceelay, Strength, Atole, Operative, E*Rock, Pegasus Dream, DJ Linoleum Doors 7pm, $8 per night -or- $12 Advanced 2-Day Tix at Jackpot Records and ADR presale passes will also get copies of the Superfest 2 zine the day of the show.