Publications_Here & There

by Eric Mast in

pubs01.jpg When I saw I'm up in the pubs I mean publications. There's the new Afterhours (Japan) I've got some comics in there. There's also stuff by our favorite dude Mumbleboy (check out his new video for Beck, by the way, it's rad) as well as Craig Flip Flop Flyin and Orvar from Múm. Not to mention the CD ahs tracks by Lulaltone, Montag, ISAN, and Mice Parade. The best part is the transcription of my retarded Thug-Smurf comics in English, then Japanese! Also, this Bedroom Rockers book is pretty rad. Put together the folks at XLR8R, it's a tour of DJs bedrooms in five major cities. Portland friends in there include Strategy, Broken Window, Hermanito, Zach Reno, Safi & Eliazar. Fun book that was being handed out at Adidas stores, probably out-of-print now.